Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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Not only is this quicker to type but it makes us less "state specific" because we have always shipped nationwide! You will still get our best in class customer service, real time online help and phone availability as well as the only place you'll find powder coating colors that will match your fence!

Same website - same great service!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center

The other day I had the opportunity to visit the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center.

Darlene, the founder of the sanctuary had called with an interest in the Coyote Rollers for a new enclosure they are building and were looking for something different from what they usually use (cantilevers). After a discussion, they decided to give them a try and made a purchase. I went up to meet with them a few days later to bring some samples. Darlene was so wonderful and gave me a private tour of her beautiful sanctuary! 

It will be fun to see if they are able to catch video of their Fox testing out the Rollers. We even talked about getting video of Coyotes attempting a fence with them on. Fingers crossed we're able to work something out! 

If you are ever near Colorado Springs, I highly recommend a visit to the beautiful place! The people really care about their animals and its great fun to see the Wolves, Coyotes, Fox and other animals they have there! 

Here are a few of my photos!
Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf

Timber Wolf

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Roller Connections - Non-Profits

There are many Shelters and Rescues that can use the help of Coyote Rollers to protect the pets in their care. We frequently work with installers and shelters around the country on their plans to use Coyote Rollers at their locations. 

Roller Connections can be a way to match the few individuals that, for a variety of different reasons, are looking to 're-home' their pre-installed Rollers. The Rollers might be plain aluminum or powder coated. Many in 4ft lengths, and some in cut lengths. Since the Rollers are never going to rust and will still spin as designed, with existing brackets or new, we'd like to try and help make Roller Connections.

Roller Connections is a program we offer to match Rollers looking for new work, with those that need them. The Rollers could be an outright donation to the non-profit, or at a greatly discounted price. We leave the details between the two parties but provide the contact information, of each party, to the other.

If you're a non-profit group or organization looking for assistance. Please send us your contact information and amount of fencing you're looking to cover. When we have a connection for you, we'll provide you with their contact information so you can see if its a good match!

Send the following to this EMAIL:
  • Name of organization
  • Location of organization
  • Contact persons name
  • Contact phone & email
  • Type of fence
  • Fence length and/or number of Rollers looking for
We hope we can help to make your Roller Connection!

Visit us at to see about any additional pieces you may need once you get your Rollers!

Shelters helped since Roller Connections Started July 2017:
  • Longmont Humane Society, Longmont Colorado - photos to come!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cat vs Fence

A really quick video showing you how this cat, who loved to go outside and explore his neighborhood, no longer can. He may not be all that amused at his recent discovery, but rest assured he is much safer now and his parents are VERY happy that he can still enjoy his yard.

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Coyote Roller Fence system introduction

Here is a video that was made to help you understand more about the Coyote Roller fence system.

Warning - video contains images that some viewers may find disturbing!

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What are Coyote Rollers?

The Coyote Roller fence system is design to help protect your dogs and cats from harm. A Coyote Roller is a 4ft long, ribbed aluminum rod, that attaches to your fence with Mounting Brackets. It acts as a deterrent to prevent animals from gaining the leverage they need to pull over a fence and should be installed on fence that is at least 6ft high. The system is simple, safe, humane, requires no power source, maintenance free, and constructed to last a lifetime.

The Rollers are hollow and approximately, 1-3/4" in diameter and there are 7 different Mounting Brackets that can accomodate most any type of fence or wall. We sell them only in 4ft lengths but they can be cut down to any size needed. Installation, while not difficult, needs to be done properly to ensure that the Coyote Rollers work as designed.  The 4ft aluminum Roller can hold up to 250ft on center, more weight than this, may result in damage to the Roller and affect their ability to work as intended.

The Coyote Roller is manufactured from the highest quality products that never wear out, never require servicing, and are 100% weather proof. They perform perfectly in the hot Arizona desert sun to the negative winter temperatures of Colorado. 

Your purchase of a Coyote Roller system is a one-time purchase. It can be installed at your home and removed if you ever move. Everything has been over-engineered so it will never wear out and is covered by our lifetime guarantee. 

Rest assured that your investment in Coyote Rollers is a wise investment. They are effective, attractive, HOA friendly, and often times increase your property value. 

Coyote Rollers have been installed in HUNDREDS of homes, shelters and businesses across America. 

They have been used to:

  • Protect backyard family animals from predators *
  • Keep pet in the backyards and kennels
  • Protect livestock by keeping animals out
  • Protect chicken coops
  • Prevent birds from landing on fences, signs, billboard and other areas
Have the peace of mind you and your family deserve with Coyote Rollers installed at your home.
*A minimum fence height of six feet is strongly recommended for protection against Coyotes.

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The other side of the website.....

Sometimes people will call, and say that they are interested in Coyote Rollers but they wanted to be sure there is a person at the other side of the website.

Allow me to introduce myself to you. I'm Trish Whitley, the owner of Colorado Coyote Rollers. If you call the contact number on my website, you'll be talking to me. :)

In 2012, I contacted a company named Roll Guard about their product that I had seen information on. What a great group of wonderful people they are there at Roll Guard! When I first saw Coyote Rollers, I instantly knew they they saved lives and I needed to be part of getting the word out about them, so I became an authorized dealer for them.

You see, my entire life has been dedicated to animals; horses, dogs, cats and more. I've owned and ridden horses in many different competitions, since, ohhhhh... lets just say a long time; never quite mastered sheep herding with my Border Collies; been an Agility competitor since the late 1990's; trained others and their dogs for Agility; studied and learned Animal Behavior from a noted PhD in the field; have rescued hundreds of dogs by running Animal Rescues; even showed Maine Coons in cat shows!  Oh and I currently have 8 dogs and 3 cats of my own! So you might say, I'm pretty dedicated to animals.

I've had a professional career mostly as a Project Manager and right out of school, as a Graphic Designer (its a long story), but one thing I've never really done professionally, is be in sales. I jumped in anyway, and I've learned (and still learning) a lot, talked to wonderful people, and seen great photos of pets and their yards. You've made it great because you care so much about your pets. I believe in these Coyote Rollers, I believe in the fact that they can save lives, so it has made helping people get them for their own yards, very easy.

If you've not guessed by now, I'm not much of a writer either, but I'll try my best, if it means helping save some pets lives. I did want you to know that there is a person on the other side of Colorado Coyote Rollers, and I do really care about keeping your pets safe from harm.

Yours Truly,